Justin Pickard's Album Release Party

Sons of Herman Hall, 3414 Elm St, Dallas, TX

Playing a small part of a Big Record Release Party for my friend Justin Pickard.

Get tickets from the link, and save a few bucks.


Downstairs 6:00-6:30(SongSwap) Honey Folk • Mike Randall • Jenna Clark

Downstairs 6:35-7:10(SongSwap) Jes Spires • The Working Effective (with Justin Pickard)

Upstairs 7:00-7:40 Slow Moving Snakes

Downstairs 7:30-8:10(SongSwap) Jeff Hewitt • Tin Man Travis

Upstairs 8:00-8:40 Munn

Downstairs 8:30-9:10(SongSwap) Meredith Crawford • The Bodarks

Upstairs 9:00-9:40 Robinson Hall

Downstairs 9:30-10:10 Andrew Delaney

Upstairs 10:00-10:40 Eleven Hundred Springs Trio

Downstairs 10:30-11:10 D. Anson Brody

Upstairs 11:00-12:00 Justin Pickard & the Thunderbird Winos

Downstairs 12:00-12:40 Alligator Dave

Upstairs 12:30-1:10 Justin Cashion & the Tuxedos

Downstairs 1:00-2:00(SongSwap) Jamie Vahala • Jason Michael