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Hummingbird Podcast

Hummingbirdbpm 80I was outsidebeneath the flowers and the treeswhen I sat up for a moment.There directly in front of mewas a hummingbird.I could see it clearly.It's frantic wingsdarting from place to placeflower to flower.It seemed like time stoppedas I and this beautiful thingexisted, frozen in a moment.It was beautiful,the kind that lingers forevermore.It was beautiful.But suddenly,Suddenly it was gonesuddenly it was… Read more

Firebreather (Solo) Podcast

Firebreatherbpm 110Now here she comes yeah and she's walkin down the street and I knowKnow she's comin for me like a demonthis demon's quick on her feetoh latelyshe drinks fireand she breathes firelike tequila on a warm summer's nightsome would sayshe just can't be rightnow I warn youno don't take her homeyou'll say that you love herthen she'll leave you aloneyou've got to believe me manI've seen it beforeNow she's… Read more

Updates, Catching up, Thank yous 

   Going into November and December I was feeling extremely burnt-out, depressed, and in dire need of some time away from the bars, and from music.  I was still going to the studio to record songs for my Open Source Year but I really dreaded doing it.   I had one show in December where I had the audience pin-drop silent in a normally noisy venue, and afterwards all I could do was cry because of how… Read more

Still Believe (Solo) Podcast

Still Believebpm 121There was a time when I was so young, when I was so young I was told I could be anything, anything that I wanted to beBut somewhere down the line, I was told hat it's a lieand that I have to embrace, realityBut I don't care, don't care what you sayI'm gonna be the manI always knew that I'd grow up to be yeahI don't care what you saybecause that real worldit don't mean nothin to meI don't care… Read more

Never Too Late (Solo) Podcast

Never Too Latebpm-116I can't run away this timeStill got miles and miles of knots to unwindI don't care how it looksI'm gonna light this fireSo let your spirit blazeand let your head perspire(Prechorus)and you might get lost year after yearbut it's never too late to quit trusting in fearI said it's never too late to quit trusting in fearWe all go through it yeah, everydaywe all suffer you might as well be… Read more

Weeping Demon Podcast

Weeping Demonbpm-74Weeping demon in my heartStop shaking my ribs,Can't take anymoreClock ticking on the wallso loud so slowstop shaking my brain,or are you just the sameWeeping demon in my heartStop shaking my ribsCan't take anymore  The Story    This song comes from sad dreams.  This originally started out as a poem that was much longer but only a short song was needed to express the feeling.  I love Angie Walter's artwork for this song.  

I'll Be Ok Podcast

I'll Be Okbpm 81There was a time when we loved each othera time when I called you minebut it's been a while since you've gone awayand at first it was hard but now it's just bittersweetand baby I'm just writing to say, "Hey I'll be Ok, I'll be alright."I know that you worry about me sometimesbaby I'm just writing to say, "Hey I'll be Ok, I'll be alright"it just them dreams still get to me… Read more

Bluebird Podcast

Bluebirdbpm112On good days you're like my best friendoh, bittersweet loveand on hard days I'm your shoulder to cry onyou're special, unique, like no otheryou're special, unique, like no otherbaby, can you hear me now?oh hear the truth in my soulyes, I love you,love you like no other womanit's been hard to see you goyou were like a bluebird in the snowa broken wing, but so beautifuland I applied the cast that you needed for a… Read more

Love, Always Love Podcast

Love, Always Lovebpm98Love, always lovedon't forget it, don't hide itLove, always loveat the center of lifewhether together, or apartwhether near, or farwhen it's good, and when it's hardit's good to keep it in your heartLove, always lovedon't forget it, don't hide itLove, always loveat the center of lifethere is nothing that can beat iteven death, can not defeat itand in your heart that's where you keep itand a kiss… Read more

Paul & Lexi Podcast

Paul & Lexibpm106I know a wise man who was a fool for a girl.He wasn't what she pictured, but he'd do anything for her.She drove him down to the gates of hell, nearly through him in the fire,but she saw the truth in his eyes, saw that all the other ones were liars.So they decided to get married, have some children of their own.She said, "I'm sorry that I hurt you.  You know I come from a bad home."Things… Read more